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  • specs-41.png

    Anne Et Valentin

    Unusual colour combinations that really work. Shapes that suit most people and fit comfortably. So tasteful (of course they’re French).

  • specs-111.png

    Tom Ford

    Classic, retro styles that suit most guys. Worn by Colin Firth, so how can it be wrong?

  • specs-31.png


    Retro shapes and colours from 1920’s New York. run by a good Jewish family over five generations. Worn by Johnny Depp.

  • specs-8.png

    Paul Taylor

    Designed in Australia by the man Paul Taylor himself and beautifully made in France. Flamboyant. Outrageous. Unafraid.

  • specs-21.png

    L.A. Eyeworks

    Bold designs from Los Angeles by two wonderful women who have been friends since high school, Outrageous!

  • specs-9.png


    Bold, colourful and designed in Belgium. A great family business that loves to innovate. Fun fun fun!

  • specs-12.png

    Francis Klein

    Oh so pretty! Beautifully made in France with diamantes galore and gorgeous colour combinations. Think Marilyn Monroe or Paula Yates.

  • specs-13.png

    Face à Face

    Great textures and shapes from France. A modern twist on retro styles. Always classy.

  • anne-et-valentin-viva-1034.png

    Anne et Valentin

    This Anne et Valentin frame says quirky, interesting and colourful. It would make a perfect pair of dainty reading specs to pull out of your vintage gladstone bag while having coffee with friends

  • frame-of-the-month.png

    Garrett Leight

    This frame is in a delicate shell pink and would look great with pink lippy. The brand has lots of natural tortiseshell and black and aims for subtlety but still with personality shining through. Originating in California, so must be worn at the beach!

  • frame-of-the-week-traction.png

    L.A. Eyeworks

    This is a perfect frame for those who love the bug-eyed look made famous in The Absolutely Fabulous Movie. Rock the look with sling-back shoes, skinny slacks, a flowing silk robe and Jackie-O headscarf!

  • frame-of-the-week.png


    This beautiful frame from Theo is perfect for that retro woman with a blonde bouffant hairdo, pointy shoes, pointy eyeliner and a paisley dress. The crisp cream/ivory finish with blood red spots in the corners will turn heads whether at the fashion show or the vintage clothing shop...

  • theo-black-blue.png


    What better way to show the world that you are a fun person by wearing this cheeky little frame from Theo!  Either that, or people will know you've had just a little too many gin & tonics. Either way, sometimes it's good not to be too serious....

  • frame-of-the-month-orange-theo.png


    Ever thought of wearing orange specs? - They work surprisingly well.  A flash of colour with a flash of your winning smile.  Irresistible...

  • frame-of-the-week-8th-aug.png

    Anne et Valentin

    We are loving the block colours in this french frame, model "Puzzle".  This would look so cool with ash blonde hair, blue eyes and a silver coat. Very sixties, Baby....

  • frame-of-the-month.jpg

    Anne et Valentin

    Yes these fabulous french designers can produce quirky as well as beautiful! - Here we have specs perfect for a tortoured artist, with the wearer hidden away in an attic painting a work that will not be understood until he or she dies. How wonderful to be an eccentric! Or a professor, or a writer, or a musician, or.....

  • anne-et-valentin.png

    Anne et Valentin

    What a great "against-the-rule" style. Unusual shape. Unusual colour combination. Big. Bold. Just the thing for meeting the in-laws. Show them what you're made of...

  • garrett-leight.png

    Garrett Leight

    Here we find the classic tortoiseshell round glasses, the style being made popular by John Lennon. This model comes in gold, silver, black with gold & various shades of tortoiseshell. Remember...if they are wearing John Lennon glasses, assume the person is interesting & attractive until proven otherwise!

  • theo.png


    A nice attractive frame without being so out there that is scares your Grandma! - We love this look because it suits so many people & fits your face nicely. Available in many colours including two-tone blue, burnt orange & brown with cream.

  • francis-klein.png

    Francis Klein

    A simple yet attractive frame with dainty little floral decorations. Francis Klein is a very feminine brand, hand-made in France & the quality & flare really shows.

  • francis-klein1.png

    Francis Klein

    A beautiful, elegant frame, black with sparkly pink highlights & subtle diamantes. It comes in many different colours & is our best selling Francis Klein. Just lovely...

  • anne-et-valentin1.png

    Anne et Valentin

    A simple yet interesting frame with a lovely shade of forest green that suits both men & women. If you don't want too much attention but you do want just enough, this is the frame for you. Available in several great colours. 

  • theo1.png


    This matt tortoiseshell cat's eye style is classic & uncomplicated yet it suits so many people. Looks great on the face & is reminiscent of the James Bond secretary look. What can we say? - Moneypenny did have a certain kind of allure...

  • theo2.png


    A twist on the classic round eye. Note the serrated edge along the top with yellow highlight that becomes more obvious if you tilt your head forward. A nice glimpse of flare as you lean forward to discuss, well...anything. Available in several interesting colours. 

  • kate-sylvester.png

    Kate Sylvester

    Yes at last, a New Zealand fashion designer designing wearable, affordable fashion eyewer! Kate Sylvester's eyewear styles are slightly understated but interesting enough to qualify as groovy! - If you don't want to go all out but you do want something that isn't what everyone else is wearing, this is the range for you.

  • anne-et-valentin2.png

    Anne et Valentin

    Yes, another lovely frame from France! - The beautiful blue mottled finish is very striking when worn with blue eyes. For people who are afraid to be "too groovy", we find this frame tempts the cautious into a new look and they have always been very pleased with the result!

  • theo3.png


    Blue, blue, blue. It seems to work so well for so many. This quirky shape is surprisingly flattering on the face, because the top sits nicely above the eye and doesn't look too serious as some frames that sit straight across the top of the eye do. Available in several interesting colours.

  • face-a-face.png

    Face à Face

    What a nice sleek black and leopard-print frame we have here...if you don't like the cat's eye look, this mildly rectangular frame is still a bit rad but not so much that your boyfriend will say you look like Dame Edna. Just about everyone who has tried this frame on, likes it. That's some feat...

  • francis-klein2.png

    Francis Klein

    Yet another delectable look from this ingenious French designer, full of dainty diamantes and with a great combination of tortoiseshell and blue. We can just smell the French perfume and calfskin boots, and ofcourse the expensive hairspray. Now there's a lady with class.

  • frame-of-the-month1.png

    L.A. Eyeworks

    Here we have a cheeky frame from the Ladies in Los Angeles, suitable for someone with a black bob and blue eyes who loves to look over her specs with a naughty little sparkle in her expression...ooh dear, did I really say that Mr Humphries?!